Marc Andreessen Never Left Twitter [Updated]

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On September 24, famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen departed from Twitter with a bang. Now it appears the Netscape founder never actually left. Even though Andreessen hasn’t been tweeting himself, he’s still engaging with the social media platform’s worst feature—other people’s accounts. Gizmodo investigated Andreessen’s recent “Likes” and damn, homeboy’s been busy.

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On that fateful day in September, Andreessen annihilated his thousands of legendary tweets—covering a wide variety of topics from how technological innovation helps the poors more than the elites to the upsides of colonialism—leaving the platform with the simple message:

But how long did it take ol’ Marc to get back on the bird after calling it quits? Twitter doesn’t timestamp likes, but this is the first tweet he engaged with after September 24.


Five days after he announced his alleged hiatus, one Twitter user noticed he was still following new people.


As of November 28, Andreessen is following 10,700 people, which suggests he’s actually been pretty busy throughout his “break.”


But why did Andreessen erase a lifetime’s worth of tweets and pretend to take a break from the platform in September? At the time, I theorized it was because I mildly owned him earlier that day.


When Gizmodo graphed out Andreessen’s likes per day, we can see he became more active after the election. After all, our president-elect has been using the platform to send out some quirky messages as of late—Twitter is central to our national discourse, and perhaps Andreessen recognizes that.


But who knows, really? Maybe he just wanted to understand youth culture by experiencing new social networks. From what I hear, Snapchat is pretty hot.

What does this teach us? Twitter is a temptress, and not even the mighty can resist her siren songs.


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