Part topography, part bathymetry, part meteorology, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum has one intense carpet. Two hundred square meters of the museum are dedicated to this maritime map of the Hong Kong harbour.

Hong Kong Harbour is of major importance for shipping logistics, as well as the location of the museum. The carpet design ties the museum's function to its location, a motif echoed by the harbour views.

What's the impact in-person? From the project marketing materials (a clearly unbiased source), it looks pretty good up-front and personal:

"As the visitors walked through the museum they pointed at the carpet illustrating the sea chart and talked about what they saw on it. They didn't just walk on the carpet – they had an additional experience from the expression of the carpet. Not only does the carpet have an entertaining value – it also contains an informative value," says Signe Cheung Tørsleff.

In the past-projects highlight archive, custom-carpet manufacturer Ege Carpets has made a space-time carpet like we discussed last week for the