Mark Zuckerberg's Newest Facebook Status: I'm a Real Billionaire, You Bitches

Illustration for article titled Mark Zuckerbergs Newest Facebook Status: Im a Real Billionaire, You Bitches

In case you just woke from a coma at the center of the earth's core, Facebook's IPO blasts off today. And here's a casually obnoxious reminder from Mark Zuckerberg, who has something to do with this, if you weren't sure.


The status update—Mark Zuckerberg listed a company on NASDAQ. — with Chris Cox and 4 others—demonstrates the dynamic flexibility of the Facebook Timeline™, which allows you to share the moments of your life that matter most, and include those Friends™ who were along for The Ride™ with you. It was also rigged by a team of Facebook engineers to trigger at the exact moment Zuck activated the NASDAQ opening button bell, further making him the least relatable 28-year-old in the history of people in their 20s.


As of 29 minutes ago, the update has 164 Likes™ and a meager 16 comments from Friends™. [Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook™ Timeline™ & TechCrunch]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

"In case you just woke from a come" good for you! You just had a wet dream...