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Marvel's Midnight Suns Game Looks Like an Avengers Roommate Simulator

Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Blade, and you, all living under one roof!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange Relax in Midnight Suns
The demon invasion can wait, Carol’s gotta scroll through TikTok first.
Screenshot: Marvel/2K Games

If you were excited about last week’s announcement of a tactical RPG video game starring Marvel’s superheroes, good news—you’re going to continue to be excited! 2K Games has revealed the Midnight Suns’ first gameplay trailer, which pits an unlikely assortment of Avengers, X-Men, and more against demons...from hell. But why worry about that when you’re sharing a communal bathroom with Ghost Rider?

As the trailer shows, once your customizable character is awoken by Marvel’s finest to stop the demon queen Lillith, you all move into an HQ called the Abbey where everyone just... hangs out together? I mean, look at that picture on top: Doctor Strange is reading a book. Robbie Reyes (the current Ghost Rider) and Runaways’ sorceress Nico Minoru are chilling at the bar. Captain Marvel is checking her phone. Guys—a demon invasion is currently taking place, and Captain Marvel is checking her phone.

This is awesome, as far as I’m concerned. Apparently, you won’t just hear small snippets of conversation with your roommates in-between missions—the other roommates being Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Blade, and the X-Men’s Magik—but developing relationships with them over the course of the game, which seems to be crucial to improving your arsenal of moves and powers. Look, I should just let you watch it (here’s a briefer version if you’re short on time):

The idea of “leveling up” by taking walks in the backyard with Tony Stark and doing yoga with Magik sounds fabulous. As for the combat itself, it looks as exciting as any straight-up action video game. I’m a bit wary of how the player’s moves and attacks are defined by a random assortment of cards, but the way you can use the environment to your advantage adds a layer to the tactical gameplay I wasn’t expecting. If you’re wondering why the hell this game is called Midnight Suns, by the way, it’s because it’s based on a rather obscure Marvel comic series from the ‘90s where a group of significantly lesser-known heroes fought Lilith and her demon army. Don’t worry about it.


Midnight Suns is currently set for release next March.

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