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Marvel's Newest Superhero Game Unleashes Hell on Earth

The tactical RPG Midnight Suns is based on one of Marvel's weirdest—and most obscure— comics.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Marvel's Midnight Suns Heroes, including Iron Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, and More
The heroes (and anti-heroes) of Midnight Suns.
Screenshot: Marvel/2K Games

Despite the efforts of Square Enix’s mediocre-at-best Avengers game last year, it feels like it’s been a while since we got a really good Marvel superheroes video game. That could change next year when 2K Games releases Marvel’s Midnight Suns—even though every single thing about the game is completely unexpected.

First of all, as Polygon reports, the game will be a tactical RPG, which is almost never a genre that features action-oriented characters like superheroes. However, 2K Games is highly experienced with this format, having designed the very popular XCOM games, which features squads of soldiers taking down power aliens in turn-based strategy and combat. Second, the roster of playable characters is a very motley crew, as you can see above: There are Marvel mainstays like Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Captain Marvel, but there’s also the vampire hunter, X-Men’s Magik, and Runaways’ Nico Minoru, as well as the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider. As you can see in this teaser trailer, Doctor Strange plays an important role, too:

If you’re wondering who the female character wielding the Deadpool-esque double katanas, why, that’s you! You’ll create your own customizable hero called the Hunter, with access to 40 different superpowers.


The third, and absolutely most shocking part of Midnight Suns, is what it’s inspired by. Midnight Sons Unlimited was a brief series in the early ‘90s, which featured an even motlier group of heroes including Doctor Strange and his partner Wong, Blade, Morbius the living vampire, two Ghost Riders, Werewolf by Night, and less-known characters, who fought on a demonic invasion led by the fallen angel and Satan’s ex-wife Lilith. You’ll note that all the named heroes are magical and/or monstrous in nature, which is why they were best suited to take on the mystical threat.

You can see Lilith rise in the Midnight Suns trailer, and the heroes fight off scores of demons, so that all tracks. But that’s a decidedly different roster of heroes—which makes perfect sense given 2K wants to sell a jillion copies of its Marvel game, but also explains why lesser-known, magic-using characters like Nico Minoru and Magik have joined the crew.


Given that the game was announced earlier today at the Gamescom conference, it’s quite reasonable that no release date was given. However, you’ll be able to watch official gameplay footage on September 1 over at the game’s official site.

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