Masquerade for iPhone: It's Like Making a Conan O'Brien Skit on Your Phone

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You know when Conan puts a picture of a celebrity and replaces his or her lips to say something outrageously funny? Masquerade for iPhone does the same exact thing. It's silly, juvenile fun.

What's it do?

It makes you laugh! You can use Masquerade's stock pictures, add-ons, or any pictures from your camera roll and replace the picture's mouth (or even their whole face) with your own. Just hit the record button and talk away to record your video, adjust the pitch of your voice to get wonkier or add music for a soundtrack. Once you're done, upload the movies to Facebook to skewer your friends or YouTube to become an Internet sensation.


Why do we like it?

Cause it's stupid fun! You can make Zuckerberg say he's a gigantic douchewadsupreme. You can pretend to be Steve Jobs and say he loves Flash. Or plead guilty for Casey Anthony. And it gets even better when you use it on your friends, turn it into a little competition on who can make the funniest video and it'll go on for weeks. There's just something about seeing someone say something they shouldn't say (and didn't say) that gives me the giggles. It's also free, so you can play around as much as you want.


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Not to perpetuate the "Howard Stern invented everything" line, but didn't Stern and Billy West do this on his show in the early 90s?