Christiaan Postma's morphing, malleable matchstick clock is pretty amazing, though a tad flawed. A portion of the 150 white lines plastered about the clock's 160 cm by 160 cm face form a word corresponding to the hour of the day. If it's three o' clock, the area where the number three appears on a typical clock would read "three." As four o' clock approaches, "three" disassembles and "four" slowly takes shape. There is one omission that could be painful if you're trying to use it to, well, to tell time. See a time lapse photo of shifty clock in action and the reason for its failings after the jump.


Do you see the glaring issue with this shape-shifting timepiece yet? That's right, this "clock" doesn't have a minute hand. Another minor quibble: The immature among us can't rearrange the matchsticks into funny words, like "poop," "grundle," or "redrum," for example. [Christiaan Postma via Design Milk]

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