After many years, Mattel no longer has the rights to make Ghostbusters toys. Diamond Select are picking up where they left off with a new line of toys, but before the era of Mattel is over, there’s one parting gift: and perfectly, it’s the dearly missed Harold Ramis.

The 6” figure has been dubbed the “Courtroom Battle Egon”, and comes with a proton pack and scanner — but really, it’s a Commemorative tribute to the actor that brought Egon to life. Hell, take off the accessories and it’s basically a “Harold Ramis in a suit” action figure, to adorn your shelves.


The figure will be one of several of Mattel’s exclusives at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, available first at the convetion and then at a special online “after-party” sale shortly after for those who can’t attend. has the full details of how to pick the figure up.

[via Topless Robot]

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