Maybe Radiohead Fans are Not So Cheap After All

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A recent study conducted by internet research firm comScore claimed that only about 38% of those who downloaded the album In Rainbows actually paid, implying that the band's pay your own price experiment was a failure. The band responded recently calling this claim "wholly inaccurate," implying that the folks at comScore are a bunch of morons. A statement issued by the band reveals the whole story:

"In response to purely speculative figures announced in the press regarding the number of downloads and the price paid for the album, the group's representatives would like to remind people that, as the album could only be downloaded from the band's website, it is impossible for outside organizations to have accurate figures on sales."

Good point. I would like to think that Radiohead fans aren't as cheap as we have been lead to believe. But my question is when are we going to see some official numbers? [e-consultancy via Pocket-Lint]

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@BensAngel: perhaps it went up while you were writing your post, but you might want to look at the one above you. (Don't worry 92BuickLeSabre, some of us could tell you weren't serious.)

I suppose it's still vaguely possible the data came from a leaked source, and this is actually accurate (and Radiohead want to deny it either to give some time for the figures to change, or because they don't want to reveal what they actually were). Even if they were true, the ability to sell direct would mean a great deal higher profit margins for the band.

(Full disclosure: I haven't downloaded the album at all, and don't really care about the band per se either way. But I would hope the project succeeds, if only to see imitation.)