McDonald's Invented a Takeout Bag That Transforms Into a Serving Tray

What’s the biggest problem with fast food? Its terrible quality? Its contribution to the obesity epidemic? Obviously it’s the fact that diners have no place to put their food after removing it from the takeout bag.


So McDonald’s redesigned its paper bags with a tearaway strip at the bottom revealing a sturdy serving tray built right in.

Developed by McDonald’s Hungary alongside ad agency DDB Budapest, the bottom of the eco-friendly and recyclable paper bags is made from reinforced cardboard so that it can safely hold even a large-sized meal without collapsing.

The design might seem completely superfluous and unnecessary, but if you’ve ever had to clean a grease spot off your desk after enjoying a burger and fries for lunch at work, you’ll appreciate the thought that went into this. The bag also promises to make it easier to dine while driving—for better or for worse—without accidentally dumping your precious fries onto the floor of your car.

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McDonald’s Invented a Takeout Bag That Will Break And Drop Your Food