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McRib Locator Helps You Help Me Get a McRib

Illustration for article titled McRib Locator Helps You Help Me Get a McRib

McRibs are back. They were back last year, but they're back again. Problem is, I have no idea where to get one in the Bay Area. Help me.


Go on the McRib locator site here where you can see McRib sightings in your local area. So far area around me is empty. EMPTY! There aren't a whole damn lot of pins anywhere on that Google Map, so please go fill in where you've last seen a McRib. Hopefully I will be able to eat one this time before they go away for another three years. [McRib Locator]

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Joseph Teegardin

Make no mistake about it, the McRib is back every year. It's a corporate strategy that works. Gets everyone talking EVERY time.