Meet Bumblebee's Triple Changing Decepticons in 2 Exclusive Videos

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Over the course of five live-action Michael Bay Transformers movies, fans have seen a good portion of the characters and oddities that make the franchise so popular. Hell, we’ve even seen the planet killer Unicron. But one thing we haven’t officially seen yet are triple-changers, Transformers that can change into more than two forms, and those are coming to the latest film in the franchise, the ‘80s-set prequel Bumblebee.

Two of the triple-changers in Bumblebee are the Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick, voiced by Angela Bassett and Justin Theroux respectively. And in this exclusive featurette, you’ll hear from the people behind the film on what it was like to finally bring these niche Transformers to the big screen.

So what are Shatter and Dropkick doing in the scene above? Well, I’m glad you asked. Paramount has also given us a clip from that scene to exclusively debut. Notice the personality Bassett and Theroux give the characters as they begrudgingly bow down to humanity.

This is a scene from early in the movie and, thought Bumblebee doesn’t open until December 21, you can see the rest of it this weekend. Yes, Paramount is hosting fan screening on the film on Saturday December 8. Get tickets at this link.


Check back next week for our review of the film and interviews from the creators.

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