Meet the $135,000 Blu-ray Player That's Missing Features $200 Players Have

Illustration for article titled Meet the $135,000 Blu-ray Player Thats Missing Features $200 Players Have

Blu-ray! A format destined for hobbyists and physical-media fetishists, one that will never enjoy widespread adoption. And this idiotic $135,000 BD player certainly won't change that.


The Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue Blu-ray Player has all of the touchstones of audiophile snake oil. Gold plating? Check! Heavy dampening? Check! Magnets? Check! But hey, at least if you're willing to drop that much you can be sure that your player is better than anyone else's, complete with every feature imaginable.

Actually, you can't be, because this thing doesn't support internet access or BD-Live. Yes, this is a $135,000 Profile 1.1 player. Nice work, audiophiles. The pathetic thing is that Goldmund will sell the entire 50 unit run of these things to rich idiots who don't do their research. [Ultimate AV Mag via Oh Gizmo! via Dvice]

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Blu-Ray will never enjoy widespread adoption? What drugs are you on?