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Meet Your MakerBot at CES

Ricky and Paige are back with another installment of their adventures at CES. During Day 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note and MakerBot's new model blew Ricky's mind, and Paige got to hang out with passionate gaming fan and Monster spokesperson Xzibit. And they both danced in public. Watch it all above!


Tag along with Ricky and Paige as they traverse the CES floor and check out:

  • Samsung's Galaxy Note, the ultimate crossover of a tablet and a smartphone, that also happens to be perfect for caricaturists (click here for video and recap).

    With its 5.3-inch screen, it's small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to take notes with a stylus and watch Netflix without squinting.

    Samsung's ultra-thin 55-inch OLED TV (click here for video and recap).

    Now we're seeing 55-inch screens that are only millimeters thick. This is the future of television.

    MakerBot's new machine, the Replicator, with which Ricky makes a chess piece after contemplating a big blue bunny that took 10 hours to make (click here for video and recap).

    This new model, aside from having a totally awesome sci-fi name, has a larger working surface for making bigger objects and has dual extrusion so you can use two different spools of plastic at the same time and make multi-colored objects.

    OtterBox and RadioShack's new LIVESTRONG Edition Commuter Series iPhone case (click here for video and recap).

    RadioShack's partnership with OtterBox and LIVESTRONG has resulted in an incredibly protective iPhone case that's stylish and sleek, but most importantly, as with all the LIVESTRONG products we carry, portions of the proceeds go to the foundation.


Check back here tomorrow for Ricky and Paige's final HD video recap of all the CES action. Follow @RadioShackLIVE to keep up with them on the floor and keep up with the RadioShack blog for all of their musings, encounters, geek-outs, and tomfoolery!

[Read the entire Day Two Recap on the RadioShack blog here.]

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