Despite Meizu's history of "borrowing" design ideas from Apple (their entire Miniplayer series comes to mind) their CEO is denying that the M8 phone is copied from the iPhone. Seems like everyone's denying influence from the iPhone these days.


Here's what the CEO said in a forum post on their website.

First, he acknowledges that the design is very similar, but says they announced their M8 phone January 5, a whole four days before the January 9 iPhone unveiling at MacWorld. Plus, he says, the designs were already shown publicly in 2006, and when they saw the iPhone in January, Meizu actually changed their phone to make it look less like the iPhone.

Despite already spending $1 million on research to design a screen with 720x480 resolution, which they made because they didn't want to go with 3:2 or 16:9 like other phones, Meizu said they will change the design if Apple desides to sue. Which, well, seems like an inevitability.


Meizu [via Engadget Chinese via Engadget]