Meizu M6 Mini Player SE, 7mm Thin and Coming in August

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We were already thinking the Meizu M6 was a damn good multimedia player, with FM and video playback plus a lower price than the iPod nano. Then Meizu announced its Meizu M6 Mini Player SE late last year, identical to the M6 except in one very important respect: It's scarcely thicker than a credit card. How does 7mm sound to you? That's just a hair fatter than the iPod nano's 6.5mm thickness.

Now it looks like we'll be seeing the finished product this August, offered only in 8GB trim, for the reasonable price of $130. Hey, that's $119 less than the 8GB nano.


Super Thin Meizu M6 in the Works [Meizu Me]

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the frame rate of the M6 is 20 fps.

i bought the 4GB version for $99 from [] (who REALLY need to learn the basis of online retailing—they SUCK).

on the Mac encoding a correctly-oriented, correctly-sized video file is an enormous challenge (for me at least & i have a lot of patience). the M6 has a native video size of 240x320. i CAN playback files that are 320x240 and perform the 90° rotation on playback, but the results are maddening stutters and loss of audio sync after about 5 seconds.

its a cool little gadget and the size is awesome. if the software quirks could be worked out just teensy bit more it would be the player i never leave the house without.

as of today its in the pile of gadgets that haven't lived up to the promise of the hype (hello eyeTV).