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Mercy Hangover Remedy Lightning Review: Just Get Less Wasted

Illustration for article titled Mercy Hangover Remedy Lightning Review: Just Get Less Wasted

Man has yearned to be able to binge drink sans hangover with the same ferocity as he once wanted to venture to the heavens. Mercy doesn't say it'll eliminate the consequences, but claims it'll help. This is a titanic claim.



It doesn't taste as bad as you'd expect something like this to taste. It has a strange odor. Something between the scent of a human arm and wet leaves. But the taste is sweet without being cloying, and smooth overall. There's no caffeine in it, which is good, because that counterintuitively makes hangovers worse. It has a lot of vitamins in it! Including an alarming 5000 percent daily dose of Thiamin.


No Like

I tried drinking Mercy before my boozing. I tried drinking Mercy during my boozing. I tried drinking Mercy after my boozing. The hangover was inescapable. Mercy claims that by drinking it, "Hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea do not have a chance to set in." They did. Like a jackhammer into my skull. Did they set in to a lesser extent than they would have? Maybe. But I was too hungover to notice.

Last Word

I'd advise saving the $12 for a four pack and just drinking more water and less delicious toxic alcohol.



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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

Hangovers are largely the result of dehydration—your body needs water to metabolize alcohol. The only way to combat this is drink a lot of water, preferably the night before.