Microsoft and Yahoo Continue To Tango, Re-enters Talks

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Looks like Microsoft isn't completely ready to let its dreams of a deal with Yahoo die yet. Despite calling the purple giant's demands "excessive" and retiring its $47.5 billion bid just two weeks ago, Microsoft is now saying that it's discussing an "alternative transaction." Apparently something has changed enough in the last few days for Microsoft to resume negotiations, like a scorned lover lured back by a "I promise everything will be different, baby. I'll really try to make things work this time around!" [BBC]



They both have been Google's bitches for some time. Who cares that they are doing a little action with each other on the side? I suspect Google likes watching.

Just get the deal over-with, guys, so we can all realize it did not make a bit of difference and Yahoo will be lumped in with AOL as one of those dot-com companies that disappeared. Even combining the advertising of both companies, they still are a far second place to Google.