Microsoft Approaching iPod Manufacturers For Zune Accessories

Microsoft is trying to woo accessory makers that are currently making iPod products into supporting their upcoming Zune player. Microsoft hopes these manufacturers will make items such as speaker docks and FM transmitters that will fit in the Zune's expansion port—much like devices communicate with the iPod via its port. MS is also offering a sweeter deal in lower licensing fees compared to the fees Apple charges for operating for their iPod.

Because the Zune will have wireless capabilities built right in, accessories similar to the Nike+iPod won't need a separate peripheral to communicate with the player. It's possible Bluetooth stereo headsets will be able to connect to the Zune right out of the box. It seems that Microsoft's taken the idea that made their Xbox so powerful—Xbox Live and its ability to connect you to other people—and transferred it to the Zune. Maybe that will be the way Microsoft beats the iPod?


Microsoft approaches iPod accessory makers for Zune [iLounge]

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