Microsoft "Argo" Pic (The iPod Competitor)

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Our hombres over at Engadget got their hands on a pic of one of the possible designs of the Microsoft Argo/iPod Rival. The display is 4:3 and not 16:9, unfortunately, and there seems to be a big wheel like button on the front along with a "back" and a "play/pause" button.


We wonder if it's going to get slapped some more Xbox branding and loads of buttons as they get closer to the final design. This thing's too clean to be a Microsoft product! *wink* *wink*

Microsoft's "Argo" / Xbox wireless portable media player [Engadget]


Aaron Martin-Colby


I'm unimpressed. I doubt it will take the razor/razorblade profit model of a pukka video game system, which means that for it to impress me on a technological level it will have to kill the impression with a high price tag. A low price tag and the tech will be bland. I really see it as an impossible product.

I think it's a bad idea to enter this market. If they ride the Xbox bandwagon entirely, they may have something. But if this is indeed a real prototype, it's not going to be capable of playing games, thus making it non-competitive against the PSP. That means they're aiming it at the iPod. The MP3 player market is a fucking wasteland. Dozens of companies and one, 1600 pound gorilla. Why they would enter that and not another, less packed market makes no sense to me.

Will it be more of an advanced memory card for the Xbox a la the Dreamcast VMU? I think that is an idea that could work, but to have the robust media capabilities to make it worth it, it would still need a rather high price tag. At least $200, if I was to take a guess. Perhaps they'll take a cue from the GP32x and have a great machine with no on-board memory. That could make the initial purchase affordable, but I still think consumers would shy away when they could buy a 30GB iPod Video for $100 more.

A standalone product is death, but an Xbox branded product is not much less daunting a prospect.