Microsoft Beats Xbox to Pieces for Getting an RRoD

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Beats Xbox to Pieces for Getting an RRoD

Nic H tells us that this is how his Xbox was returned after being sent to Nurse Microsoft. If that's really true, then it looks like Microsoft is getting brutal on Xboxes that dare get an RRoD.

Geez. What the hell is Microsoft using to punish misbehaving Xboxes? This thing looks worse than the one attacked by a crazy chick and a golf club. But we're certain that if Nic contacts Microsoft and shows them these photos of his naughty Xbox, they're sure to send him a replacement. Possibly even one that works. (Provided, of course, that this damage wasn't caused by Nic when he got the unit back, unrepaired, or by yet another nutty girlfriend.) [Flickr via Nic H]

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Assuming for a moment that this is true, it looks more like this 360 was crushed. Considering how little damage their was when psycho-chic went nutz on with the golf club, this looks like a considerable weight/force was put onto this unit.

In pic 6 you can see the live card shows damage from where it was crushed too. All that means, is that the live card was attached when the damage took place.

Either this guy ran over his xbox 360 himself or Microsoft did. Considering that Micro$haft probably has a enormous warehouse with tons of forklifts running around all over the place carrying the pallets of dead 360s around, it is not a huge stretch of my imagination to picture one falling off and Bubba behind the wheel of a forklift runs one over and then tries to cover his tracks by putting it in the box and shipping it off anyway.

Just a theory.

I notice in pic 7 that the box (what little you can see) only appears to be slightly crushed which is possibly incongruous with the 360 damage.