Microsoft COFEE Won't Perk You Up, But It Will Instamagically Hack Your Computer

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You know how in cop shows they seize deviants' computers and bring them back to the lab for some good ol' latex gloved analysis to prove how obviously guilty or sick the suspect is? That's old hat. Microsoft's latest treat for law enforcement is COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor), a USB drive that'll cut through whatever flimsy security miscreants have slapped on their computer in a flash, and then automatically analyze the dirty bits the cops need to bust their ass, from internet activity to stored data, no pwnage skillz or trips to the lab needed. Microsoft's giving the wonder tube to lawmen for free, and 2,000 officers in 15 countries are already using it. But will it work on Macs? [Seattle Times, Thanks M]

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Does anyone else remember this? Back in 01 during the hysteria over 911, when companies like Zero Knowledge were actually turning off anonymous browsing, there were reports that Microsoft was sharing source code with the FBIs.

I have looked around a bit, but cannot find any reference to that. If anyone has a reference I would really like to see it. I definitely remember this! I mean I was shocked that MS would give their source code to anyone!