Microsoft Kills Off Vista Anti-Piracy Kill Switch

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Kills Off Vista Anti-Piracy Kill Switch

For the purposes of combating Windows counterfeiting, Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program has been checking copies of Vista and locking up any systems it deems to be fakes. Turns out that the kill switch has been killing off legit copies of Vista, too. Does Microsoft fix the tool? Nope, instead, as part of Service Pack 1, the kill switch will go away, replaced by a less resolute nag switch. MS VP Mike Sievert describes what happens when a pirate encounters the tool:

"They won't lose access to functionality or features, but it will be very clear to them that their copy of Window Vista is not genuine and they need to take action."


So, to quote Robin Williams, "Stop, or I'll say 'Stop' again!" [BBC News]



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