Microsoft Kin: Rise of the Smart Dumbphones

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This week, Microsoft finally unveiled what had long been known, in rumors and leaks, as Project Pink. The official name: Kin, which consists of two phones, a new way of doing things, and a chance that it just might sell:

Microsoft Kin: The Perfect Phone for Sidekick Fans - Here's the rundown of the new phone platform, its new models and


Microsoft Kin: Hands-On Videos - You can't really get Kin until you see the interface, and the way it uses the web to augment the tiny mobile screen.


Why Microsoft Is Trying to Sell a (Smart) Dumbphone - Though it seems weird that Kin is coming around at the same time Microsoft is scrapping and overhauling their Windows Phone line of smartphones, the Kin is truly aimed at a different audience, one used to buying low-end slider cameraphones for extreme messaging and picture mail.

Hey Microsoft, Enough With the Hipsters - As convinced as we are that Kin isn't a crazy left-field strategy from Microsoft, we do worry about the fact that they're using the same failed Zune strategy featuring people in tiny hats and strategically unkempt facial hair.


Thoughts? Concerns? Fears? Hopes? Let's hear what you think about the viability of a truly smart dumbphone.


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Kin? What a dumb name for a smart phone.

I makes me think things like "The Kinfolk said, "Jeb move away from there." They said "Californie is the place you oughta be. So the loaded up the truck and moved to Bev-er-ly."

Hills that is.