Microsoft Sues DHL Over Xbox-Busting Train Crash

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Microsoft is suing delivery service DHL for their refusal to compensate the boys in Redmond for the destruction of over 21,000 Xboxes in a Texas train derailment. The consoles were due for Hong Kong when the train, carrying two large containers of Xboxes, went off the tracks, sustaining a substantial amount of water and impact damage and, interestingly, "pilfering." Microsoft is seeking $2 million in compensation for DHL's negligence. That the phrase "fiery train wreck" is missing from the report makes me think it wasn't as exciting as it could've been. Imagine the headlines! [PC World]


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As someone who has negotiated carriage contracts with DHL, it seems likely that even a big customer like MS would have received pretty close to their standard terms (unless insured, in which case they'd generally pay up) - which provide that the goods are valued approximately like gravel unless DHL commits some bad act itself. Train crashed not caused by DHL are unlikely to qualify. Note that DHL's limits of liability are fairly close to industry standard in my experience, others experience with their services in general notwithstanding.