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At last count, Microsoft has sold dozens of Xbox 360s in Japan, but it hopes to up that number significantly with the release of a special Blue Dragon Core edition of the system. (Blue Dragon is an RPG developed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi; it's bound to sell more than a few systems.) In this limited edition pack, users get a Core Xbox 360, a copy of the game and an attractive faceplate. There's also five mini figures based on characters from the game. Typical "Japan-always-gets-cool-stuff-and-we-always-get-screwed."

Microsoft's been known to release special editions of the Xbox 360 in Japan, hoping to stir up sales. You'll be able to grab this one for around $250 in December.


This Blue Dragon bundle looks like a good one for all eight Japanese Xbox 360 fans out there in radio land.

Xbox 360 Blue Dragon Premium pack [New Launches]

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