Microsoft Upgrades Its Nagware For Windows XP

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MJF at ZDNet reports that Microsoft is slowly rolling out a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage for Windows XP Professional in the next few months that's going to change the way it nags about using pirated versions. Instead of the kill switch, which was in Vista, the XP versions that WGA decides are "non-genuine" will pop up a message that looks like the one above. On the one hand, this is annoying, but on the other hand, it's just nagware and not a kill switch. If you're smart enough to pirate XP, you're smart enough to figure out how to find a crack to disable this. [ZDnet]


Michael Scrip

> "Many Microsoft downloads: non-critical Windows updates, IE7 , WMP11, Windows Live all use WGA to prevent them being downloaded or installed on "non-genuine" installations of XP."

Firefox, VLC... and what the fuck is Windows Live anyway? Hotmail? Who uses that?

I don't think true pirates are gonna need any of those "upgrades" from Microsoft.