While the name MSPaint may conjure visions of crude penis drawings in primary colors, Microsoft wants you to think of something new—crude 3D renderings of Nemo.

Yesterday, a Twitter user named WalkingCat posted what they claim is a video preview of the changes that Microsoft has in store for its ancient drawing program. It’s slick, hip, functional and absolutely terrible.


In the first video a fresh-faced young millennial(?) with a cool haircut informs us about the new 3D features:

“The paint you know and love is still there,” she lies.

In the second video, Paul, a perfectly nice guy who is not a fresh-faced young millennial(?) with a cool haircut, takes us through a few of the steps for making a 3D abomination with the world’s best dick-drawing tool.


Alright, Paul. Thanks, but no thanks.

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