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You know those annoying forward your luddite friends send you that claim that Bill Gates will give you money if you forward it to 10 friends? And how you always lose a bit of respect for the person sending it to you, as since like 1998 everyone knew they were BS? Well, don't judge me too quickly here, as this seems legit.

Microsoft is launching a new program called the i'm Initiative. Basically, users of Live Messenger can put a small logo at the end of their screenname, and then every time they chat with someone a small amount of money will be donated to the cause of their choice. The more you IM, the more money gets donated. Seems like a pretty awesome deal to us. What's the catch? I can't really see one other than the fact that an undefined "portion" of ad revenue from the emoticon (how does an emoticon generate ad revenue, anyways?) goes to the good cause, with the rest presumably going to put gas in Bill Gates' jetpack.


The i'm Initiative and new secret emoticon [Inside Windows Live Messenger]

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