Microsoft's Rebranded OneDrive Cloud Storage Is Now Here

SkyDrive is now OneDrive! And OneDrive is finally arriving on desktops and phones everywhere.


After being sued by British Sky Broadcasting Group over its original name, Microsoft has subtly rebranded the online storage system and at least tried to make it feel like a relaunch as opposed to a panicked legal obligation. Though, if you're an existing user, you'll notice barely any difference.


So, existing SkyDrive apps will continue to work just fine, though updated versions will be available for download as of today, for Windows 8, Windows Vista, Mac and Xbox. An Android app will now also be available, too, to complement the existing iOS and Windows Phone software.

Perhaps the biggest change is a Dropbox-style scheme to earn more storage. So, there are referral bonuses of 500MB per friend up to a total of 5GB, or 3 GB of free storage if you enable automatic photo upload on mobile, meaning you can add 8GB to the 7GB you get for free. Or you can always buy more.

Let's just hope Microsoft doesn't get sued again? [Microsoft]


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Greg the Mad

I'm not a fan of Apple products, but how is it possible that that kids that maliciously dropped the iPad in the aquarium is still alive?