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MicroTrack Killer? Edirol's R-09 Portable SD Audio Recorder

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"Make it the size of an iPod, but let me record high-quality audio." It's a simple request, but so far the closest we've gotten is the $500 MicroTrack from M-Audio. Edirol's new R-09, shown last week at California's NAMM music show, improves on the portable recording formula a bit: it's got the silvery "Remington electric razor" looks, and an integrated mic. Instead of CF, it records onto the more compact SD, and it runs on AA batteries instead of lithium ion. All of this for about $400. And since the PR materials don't mention the word "podcast," we can avoid our powerful gag reflex. P. Kirn


NAMM: Edirol's R-09—SD-based, Portable USB Recorder, Hands-on [Create Digital Music]