Minions' Attempt to Summon Hell on Earth Thwarted

Universal Studios' giant Minion overlooks fire.
The Eye of Sauron—er, Minion.
Screenshot: RMG News/Fox 11

A gateway to the land of damned opened late last night at Universal Studios Hollywood. Fire erupted near the park’s Despicable Me attraction after the giant Minion who overlooks the ride used his dark powers to call forth the other forces of evil into our world. Luckily, the forces of good, a.k.a. firefighters, managed to contain and destroy the portal before the Minions’ diabolical plan was achieved.


Variety reports that the fire apparently began at 11:40 pm on Tuesday. According to the Los Angeles County fire department, the blaze began in a storage container in a non-guest area. Happily, no one was hurt, and the Universal Studios amusement park wasn’t affected in any way. Less happily, the fire occurred on the 13th anniversary of a much more severe fire at Universal Studios, which destroyed the King Kong ride and destroyed master recordings of several major artists, including Aretha Franklin and Nirvana.

It can be no coincidence that the Minions attempted to unleash hell on Earth on the same day. Thankfully, we’re safe for now... but only for now.

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I really need a gif of that top image.

Thankfully, we’re safe for now... but only for now.

[This is a clever comment on how the new design is hell and how we are not safe at all.]