Mission One to Be World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle

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The Mission One by Mission Motors promises to be the world's fastest 100% electric production motorcycle, reaching speeds of 150mph. And while that's nice and everything, we really like how it looks, too. More shots/details:

The Mission One was designed in part by Yves Behar of OLPC fame. Featuring a lithium ion battery that recharges in two hours before supplying 150 miles worth of power, the liquid cooled engine doesn't even need an exhaust or gas tank since there's no internal combustion. And a single-speed transmission eliminates shifting. From the aluminum, honeycomb body that flows in a single line to the convex front meant to suck the rider's chest in for speed, the Mission One is really a remarkable looking machine, even if we have no idea how designing OLPC laptops equates into the kind of wind carving design that a bike at 150mph needs to have. You can pre-order your Mission One now on Missions site. [Mission Motors and fuseproject]

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I second what a commenter wrote earlier, why be the fastest? so that only a handful of people can buy it? what the hell kind of business model is that? it wouldn't be worth tooling up a factory to make them.

Make it an electric bike that looks normal, can handle everyday commuting and can go highway speeds and people will buy it. make it go 150 mph for 30 miles and rich people will jack off on it.