MisuraEmme Wall Combines Home Entertainment With Booze

Illustration for article titled MisuraEmme Wall Combines Home Entertainment With Booze

When we've got enough money to get what looks like a 1500-sq-ft living room/home theater area, we're going to load one wall up with a MisuraEmme wall system. Not because it classes up the place in a way that cardboard boxes just do not, but because it combines a sliding flat-screen TV with a self-contained home theater unit with a bar. Did we mention that it's classy? Because the rest of your home could be an S&M dungeon, but as long as you've got this to greet houseguests when they first enter, you'll still be able to get on the cover of Drunken TV Monthly. [Trendir]


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Sweet, you need no Girlfriend inculded with this one.. you get tons of them, and you can rotate them every week. just like Booze