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MIT Has a Free Photojournalism Course You Should Take

Illustration for article titled MIT Has a Free Photojournalism Course You Should Take

Lots of schools now offer free, online courses, but here's a doozy from MIT: an introductory course about documentary photography and photojournalism that won't cost you a cent to work through.


Published through MIT's Open Courseware project, the course—Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motionwas originally taught by Prof. B. D. Colen. The class is pretty full-on: there are readings, and assignments you need to work through, plus an image gallery and course material to download, too. But it should provide you with a great understanding of the theory and practice of photojournalism. You can investigate it and download the course materials here. [MIT via Reddit via Peta Pixel]

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