MIT Scientists Increase Fuel Cell Efficiency 50%

Illustration for article titled MIT Scientists Increase Fuel Cell Efficiency 50%

Scientists at MIT have been tackling the efficiency of next-gen power source fuel cells, and have discovered how to significantly improve it. Most current direct-methanol fuel cells use a membrane called Nafion sandwiched between their electrodes, and apparently it's got a flaw. As well as letting hydrogen nucleii through to drive the power-generating process, it apparently also leaks methanol, lowering the efficiency of the cell. By coating the Nafion with a new material (kept secret for now) the boffins have plugged the leak and have been able to measure up to 50% efficiency increases. What's this mean for us? Well, longer-lasting fuel cells in our future gizmos of course. [Reghardware]


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I guess this is good news, but considering how many fuel-cell items I have in my household (none), I am not certain I will notice the difference.