Mitsubishi Rolls Out HC5000BL, The Lowest-Cost 1080p Projector Yet

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Mitsubishi introduced the HC5000BL, a 1080p LCD projector that brings some serious specs to the hotly competitive world of home theater projectors. First of all there's that 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution pumped out by a high-performance video processor from Silicon Optics. Then there's the 10,000:1 contrast ratio that Mitsubishi achieved by using a dynamic iris, making the dark objects in the frame darker while making lighter objects brighter. Sounds like a miracle to us. To bring all that video goodness into the thing, there's an HDMI port as well as DVI.

Looks like the cost of ownership will be reasonable, too, and Mitsubishi says the 5000-hour lamp is easy to replace. Of course, that impressive number will only happen if you use the projector in what Mitsubishi calls "low mode," plus that bulb might last longer because of its rather paltry 1000-lumen light output. But here's the kicker: the price is the lowest we've seen yet for a 1080p projector, $4495, and it will be available next month.

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