MLB Teams Hope iPad's Retina Display Will Help Players Keep Their Eye on the Ball

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Everybody is excited for the new iPad release tomorrow. You're excited, I'm excited, these guys are super excited, and the Cincinnati Reds are absolutely pumped.

According to Reds manager Rob Coughlin, the virtually entire team already owns the second generation tablet and use it regularly for their baseball-related studies—namely, watching film. The practice of reviewing footage, both the team's performance and that of upcoming adversaries, has been around since about forever. Teams in the '50s through '70s relied on spools of actual film, teams in the '80s upgraded to the wonders of VHS, clubs in the '90s went digital, and toady's teams are jumping to HD.

As Coughlin told USA Today,

With the '3,' now you're going to be able to see the grip on the baseball, perhaps even the rotation of the baseball and be able to (better) break down mechanics. The clearer the picture, the clearer you can see what the pitcher is trying to do.


The iPad also offers the players a distraction from the sport during their downtime and offers a simple means of staying in touch with family during long road trips. We'll have to see if the increased resolution will help the Reds improve their team batting average from last year's .256. [USA Today via MacTrast via Cult of Mac ]

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They could just use a higher res monitor?