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The Skinny: The MobiBLU Boxon is an MP3/WMA/OGG/WMA-DRM player with a built-in OLED display. Not only that, it's got an FM Tuner, Recorder, Voice Recorder, and built-in Skype.

Geared Toward: MP3 fans who love MobiBLU's small size. The screen was bright and video was smooth on the OLED display.


The Spin: Not only does this play music, it's got Skype. Plug it into your PC via USB, then you can use the headphones and built-in mic to talk. Kinda convenient to make calls in a buddy's house, a net cafe, or at CES.

Counterspin: Despite hearing about it back in August, we still don't know what the release date for this is.


Buy It If...: You love MobiBLU but want some video and even Skype.

Product Page [Mobiblu]