Mobile Phone Door Keys

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I forgot to thank you all last week when I was going nuts re: my server. Think of this as a tip of the old Giz hat from your friend Uncle John.

In unrelated news, Japan has created a system for unlocking doors using mobile phones. Instead of RFID, the system connects via a wireless connection to a local server and allows wireless entry.

With all the fuss about wireless these days, I'm wondering if all this WiFi/GPRS/EVDO roll out isn't going to backfire. I mean you have a million standards that may or may not pan out in the next X years. That's obviously why we're not doing very much with it here in the States, but if we keep erring for caution's sake, we're going to be browsing at 1MBps for the rest of our lives and never get to open our doors with our Nokias.


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