MobileMe Setup in iPhone OS 2.0 Video

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Click to viewWe already knew that MobileMe email services are now fully active and accessible through any desktop mail client. This morning I tried to set up MobileMe on my iPhone with OS 2.0 and I discovered that the calendar, bookmarks and contacts all synchronized fine, even while push synching-the ability of MobileMe to make changes to your iPhone over the air as they happen-is not active yet.

As you can see, MobileMe's setup is quite straightforward. Like with .Mac accounts on the original iPhone, the preference panel only requires you to add your user name and password. After the information is verified, the iPhone takes you to a screen where you can turn on and off the synchronization of calendar, mail, bookmarks, and address book. In its current beta state, the synchronization process completely obliterated my current data, replacing it with Addy's.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the video, she didn't have any data in her .Mac account except for mail messages (she has never synchronized her current Sony Ericsson or MacBook with the .Mac servers, so everything was empty after the first sync). I don't know if completely replacing the existing iPhone contents is the desired behavior or a bug in the iPhone OS 2.0 beta, so we would have to wait for the release of the new operating system this Friday to see how it it really works. There are two possibilities: either the synchronization would mix the existing data and the incoming data in the iPhone, or it would assume that you would like to fully replace your iPhone contents with a fresh copy from MobileMe.


After the first synchronization over the air, however, the push synchronization didn't work. We would have to wait for tomorrow-which apparently could be the date for MobileMe activation-to see how it goes. Stay tuned for our ongoing iPhone 2.0 and MobileMe testing.