MoMa Art Lab—a new app from New York City's Museum of Modern Art—will teach a kid who Henri Matisse is at a very young age. And mom and dad might learn a little something too.

What does it do?

Teaches you about famous artists and lets them create drawings and sound compositions in various contemporary styles.


Why do we like it?

MoMA is a fabulous museum, and Art Lab will help kids (and their parents) appreciate the priceless pieces it displays. It's fun because they get to learn about artists by drawing like them, with the help of line and shape guides and prompts. Next time you take a trip to a museum—MoMA or otherwise—you and your child will be able to tell a Kandinsky from a Klimt. At the most, you might find out your wee one is a future artist. And at the least he or she is learning a thing or two about art, while flexing their creative muscle.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Audio for kids who can't read yet

The Worst:

Obligation to like your kid's art