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Montreal Student Thwarts UK School Arsonist On Messageboard

Illustration for article titled Montreal Student Thwarts UK School Arsonist On Messageboard

Kudos to J.P. Neufeld, a 21-year old student at Montreal's Concordia University for alerting authorities about a post on the newgrounds forum left by a student that claimed he would burn down his school.

"I saw this thread started by this guy. It didn't seem serious at first. It said that today at 11:30 a.m. GMT I will commit violence and other forms of arson against my school [in Norfolk]. He had posted a picture of a gas can," Neufeld told CBC News.


Police were able to track down information about the suspect and school—leading them to an arrest. A 16-year-old male in possession of a knife, matches and canister of flammable liquid was taken into custody outside the school.

"You don't make threats like that idly. Either it was a hoax or something he was going to go through with"


Damn straight. People need to take this crap seriously—kids are screwed up nowadays. Thankfully, there was someone out there with the balls to take action for a change. [CBC Image via CTV Montreal and Newgrounds]

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Honestly, I remember high school life, and I remember kids I knew who would say they were going to burn down the school. If the cops arrived at the house they would have found knives, guns, and plenty of fuel (which they used for sniffing, of course) for the job. But, they never did it, never were going to do it, and only did it for attention. I acknowledge the fact that shit happens and it is great we are catching anyone who even jokes about doing something like this — but, if they were doing this when I was in high school, I think half of my senior class would have been doing jail time.