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Moog Packs a $10,000 Synthesizer Into an iOS App

Moog’s first iPad app, called the Animoog, did an incredible job smashing together iPad tech and old analog instruments, back when tablets were very much a new thing. It’s nearly five years later, and Moog has launched an all-new app, digitally memorializing its classic $10,000 Moog Model 15 Synthesizer. Luckily, the app comes at a 99.7 percent discount.

For $30, the Moog Model 15 Synthesizer recreates the classic synth’s sounds, as well as a faithful representation of its knobs and switches for controlling its oscillators, filters, etc. As with the original, it’s got a patch-based design, which has been replicated in lovely graphical form. Being an iOS app, navigation requires a lot of tapping and zooming. You can also swipe around to explore the synth’s many modules. If you don’t know where to start with the synth, we can help you out.


The Moog Model 15 works on iOS 9.3 and on an iPad Air or better. The app is also available for iPhone if you have device that’s newer than an iPhone 5s, though, trying to play a synth on such a tiny screen would likely be a lesson in frustration.


Moog’s first Animoog app quickly became loved by professional artists and amateurs alike. Since then, storied companies like Reason and Native Instruments have dropped some very sophisticated music apps—not to mention the scrappy developers who are churning out bonkers software at an alarming rate. Still, we expect a lot when we see the name Moog, and from the looks of it, the Model 15 app is true to its pedigree.

[iTunes via Wired]

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So much skeuomorphism!