Motion Control Is Awesome for Surgeons (Or Anyone with Bloody Hands)

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High fidelity motion control is awesome, but for most of us it's not quite essential. For surgeons and murders(?) though, a motion-controlled interface like this one could be super useful.

Making use of the awesome Leap Motion, Scopis Medical has developed the first hands-off surgical navigation system for use in the operating rooms of the future. The system has a standard mouse-emulation mode for point and clicking, as well as a 3D gesture system for manipulating images like CT scans and MRIs.


If there's anywhere where a full-on Minority Report interface makes sense, it's in instances like this where the user really really shouldn't be touching anything with their filthy-but-life-saving hands. Not having to touch anything with your cheetos-eating hands will be a close second though. [Scopis]