Leap Motion + Hologram = The Future of Awesomeness

Whether you like gesture control or not, Leap Motion's fine-grain floating-finger input looks like pure future. And it only gets better when you're controlling a pseudo-hologram with it. And that's exactly what Robbie Tilton did with his Tony Stark-worthy setup.


Using a four-sided prism and an illusion known as Pepper's Ghost, Tilton was able to project a floating globe off the surface of a supine computer monitor and then used the Leap Motion to twist it around with a flick of the wrist. There's not much more to it than that, but there doesn't have to be; it's awesome. The same concept could prove useful—and eye-catching—for engineers and designers who need to be able to examine a digital object from all sides, whether it's projected as a hologram or just a 2D image on a monitor. The future can't come fast enough. [Robbie Tilton via Badass Javascript via Hacker News]



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