MotionPortrait Animates Still Photos, Turns On Internet Dating World

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MotionPortrait has released a new photo imaging program of the same name that can take a regular 2D picture and transform it into a moving, smiling, talking 3D model. According to the company, a one-gigahertz CPU can handle the 2D-to-3D transformation, which then allows the user to change eye color, hair-style and facial expressions. The CG animation can even be synced with sound to respond to various inputs.


This is easily one of the best picture-to-CG animations I've seen. Sure, it's not flawless—but if the company keeps improving on it, it can open up a whole lot of interesting features for social networking sites and video games. Unfortunately, the program can only be used through companies that put it into their own products—but I'm expecting a 3D animated Yuri to be doing obscene gestures on my friend's cellphones in the near future. [SciFi via UberGizmo]

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@ Bakafish: I don't agree with you at all regarding the marketability of something like this. One thought that immedately come to mind is to use this for MMO games so that people could have the face of their in-game counterpart look like themselves. With the audio synch options mentioned, the in-game character could even speak with your voice and proper lip synch.

Would be a very cool option for character creation.