Motorbike PC Mod Is As Fast As It Looks

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Modder Saibot transformed an actual working motorcycle into an actual working PC, taking it from 70mph to a Core i7 920 CPU. Not to mention those LEDs, which lend it a certain boyracer appeal.

The full specs include an EVGA 9800 GTX+ graphics card running with the Core i7 920 CPU, 3GB of DDR3-1333 RAM and 1TB of storage. It may've taken him about 12 days to piece together, but it took five whole months to collect all the parts needed to create this not-exactly-street-legal gem. [ via BitTech via Technabob]

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I wouldn't really call a pocket bike an "actual working motorcycle." I'm pretty sure I'd call it a pocket bike.

Unless he got a hold of some HUGE case fans, which I somehow doubt is the case. And also that would be the biggest PSU I've ever seen in my life if that is a full size bike chassis.