Motorola Bringing Back the StarTAC

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Motorola's StarTAC was pretty revolutionary when it first came out, one of the first phone models to comfortably fit in one's pocket and look good doing it. Even by today's standards the 10 year-old-phone is still pretty damned small, and Moto has decided to revive the long-neglected brand with the new StarTAC III.


Unlike the original, the StarTAC III is a budget phone, low on features and aimed at first-time phone buyers. Also unlike the original StarTAC, it's headed for Korea with no plans of it touching US shores. Oh well, we still have nothing but love for you, StarTAC.

Product Page [via CrunchGear]


This is the second time the Startac has come back to Korea. First time was with the Startac 2004.