Motorola MOTO K1 KRZR: Officially Released

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The KRZR, the 1-centimeter narrower and KRAZIER successor to the RAZR we all know and are bored to death of, has been released.


-GSM 850/900/1800/1900 plus EDGE (or CDMA with EVDO)

-2-Megapixel camera
-A screen with the pixel count of 176 by 220 with support for 260K colors
-A MicroSD slot
-Stereo Bluetooth audio, with MP3, and AAC playback
-A new address book that can hold bdays, AIM address info, and hopefully doesn't suck
-Dimensions of 42 103 16 mm
-Purdy like your cousin's mouth

-Available the second half of 2006, worldwide.

Motorola Announces Five New Products [Via Mobiletracker (Thanks!)]



Simma down na! The current RAZR V3m comes with a standard headphone adapter (via the mini-USB port), no reason to think this one won't.

I <3 the touch sensitive music controls, and the overall look is so Nano hot! Can't wait to pick one up. I just pray that VZW doesn't cripple the music player again, that would bring me right to Cingular's door :-/